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Known for their deep appreciation of original antique pieces, the curators of Remains Lighting have just acquired and restored several vintage light fixtures, which can now be found at the Remains Lighting Los Angeles showroom.

Once originals from Orrefors Glassworks, a Swedish glass brand famous for its handmade glass and high-quality crystal pieces, the light fixtures have been carefully and lovingly taken in by the Remains Lighting team and restored to mint condition at their New York workshop before being shipped to the La Cienega showroom for display.

These Orrefors fixtures are also unique for being created by one of the brand’s most treasured designers, Carl Fagerlund, who worked with the company from 1946-1980. With his penchant for richly-textured glass and warm, aged brass fittings, his designs remain as some of Orrefors’ most iconic pieces.

To see these rare Orrefors light fixtures in person, be sure to plan a visit to the Remains Lighting showroom.

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