Julie Carlson at her Northern California home. Photo courtesy New York Times.

Julie Carlson, who co-founded the Remodelista blog in 2006 with like-minded friends who like to research design, exercised her interest during her three days as Ambassador of this year’s LEGENDS.

Her Legends of La Cienega recap provides a unique view of the events of LEGENDS, May 7-9.

Julie begins with a selection of pithy quotes she picked up at various keynote panels (“Rooms should look evolved, not installed.” —Timothy Corrigan). She goes on to present an eclectic assortment of images, from a snapshot of antiquarian Lee Stanton’s and Elle Decor interiors editor Robert Rufino’s shoes and a close-up of The Rug Company owner Christopher Sharp with his son to a bird’s-eye view of Jennifer Dyer’s window design based on Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (at Gina Berschneider  Inc.).

Why not imagine yourself sitting with your tablet in an ample armchair, like the one in Thomas Callaway’s window design for Harbinger or in Hayes & Howell’s window vignette for George Smith, and taking an armchair tour of LEGENDS 2014 with Julie at