Tufenkian Artisan Carpets has introduced a set of all-natural wool rugs to their showroom, including Spangle Oak, Sunrise Natural, Ven Gravel, and Highland Gravel. The wool for each design was hand-selected and is rich with marbling and one-of-a-kind striations achieved through inherent variations in color.


Handcrafted from Tibetan wool and bamboo silk, Spangle Oak’s composition resembles silken pebbles in a sea of rich and inviting colors.


A blend of hand-knotted wool and linen, Sunrise Natural evokes movement with its symmetrical pattern.


A Vicente Wolf favorite, Ven Gravel feels modern and organic, and features streams of golden silk against burnished grey fields of the finest Tibetan wool.

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Made of 100% hand-knotted wool, Highland Gravel features varied piles and subtle tones of rich, dark greys with light ashen hues.

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