One of Mansour Modern’s most exciting new lines is its Strie line. The line upholds the brand’s reputation for creating the world’s most luxurious, well-crafted rugs while also being earth-conscious.

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The Strie rugs are part of the Eco collection and are made of silk and hemp, a blend that is both natural and sustainable.

“It’s an unusual combination that works to great effect,” says Benjamin Soleimani, owner of Mansour. “Silk is made of strong, resilient fibers that add a unique softness to the natural textural quality of the hemp without compromising its durability.”

Silk is often paired with wool in rug design, but coupling it with hemp instead not only adds softness, but also creates an interesting vertical and horizontal visual effect.

As with all Mansour Modern rugs, the Strie rugs are truly collectible rugs for the modern age, crafted with the same commitment to craftsmanship and detail as antique carpets. Available in three solid hues, these rugs are rich in color and soft in touch, making them perfect for all architectural styles and personal tastes.

To see the Strie rugs in person, visit the Mansour Modern showroom in the La Cienega Design Quarter or check them out online at

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