Galerie Carole Decombe

At the start of Swann’s Way (Du côté de chez Swann), Proust writes: “For a long time, I went to bed early.” The most famous phrase of French literature is, in itself, a journey back in time, and it inspired Carole Decombe to launch a presentation of “Proustian” decor in her West Hollywood gallery. The exhibition, which opened December 13,continues through January 24, 2018.

Far removed from the modernism the gallery usually presents, Decombe has turned the space into an elegant haven of peace and introspection while plunging us into the sweet nostalgia of another era in search of a lost time. The exhibition is a reverie, mixing photography, painting, furniture and lighting.

Similar to Proust’s highly original style of poetic imagery, which includes comedic elements and moments of wisdom, the mixture of genres is a major theme of this exhibition. You will find yourself wanting to be surprised in a universe where the decorative arts of the 18th century and the 21st century mingle. Objects, like characters, are placed throughout the interior, mirroring a sort of literary salon or a cabinet of curiosity.

8629 Melrose Ave.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
T (424) 335-0111