David Netto

Designer David Netto. Photo: Katrina Dickson

Raised in New York among design’s elite (his father owned the fabric house Cowtan & Tout), David Netto first studied at Harvard Graduate School of Design before dropping out to set up his own studio in 2000.

Since then, he has specialized in interiors that don’t follow conventions, infusing warmth into modern spaces and adding wit and exoticism to traditional interiors. His projects have appeared in the pages of Vogue, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, House & Garden, and Veranda, and he’s penned a book on the work and life of François Catroux. (Don’t miss David Netto speaking at Legends X this May)

David Netto interior
David Netto’s blend of effortless cool on display in a Santa Monica beach bungalow. Photo: Nicole LaMotte

Along the way, he created (and later sold) a beloved modern children’s furniture line, Netto Collection, and worked as a contributing editor to the Wall Street Journal and T: The New York Times Style Magazine. Netto currently writes for Town & Country. Based in Los Angeles since 2009, you can catch him zipping around the LCDQ on his way from his family’s Neutra home in Silver Lake or his Koreatown office in The Talmadge building. He stopped long enough to share a few of his favorite things, past and present.

Favorite thing about visiting & shopping LCDQ is…

“Seeing everybody I know from the design world on the street. You can learn a lot walking in L.A. ”

Hollywood at Home pillows

Netto praises the pillow selection at Hollywood at Home. Photo: Mike Allen

Biggest design weakness and where I get my fix…

“The pillows for sale at Hollywood at Home. They are better than the ones I custom make and agonize over.”

Croft Alley

Croft Alley, the tucked-away restaurant on Melrose Place where Netto often takes his daughter. Photo: Courtesy of Croft Alley

Where I like to take clients (or myself) before/after shopping LCDQ…

Croft Alley, the restaurant on Melrose Place. My 27-year-old Studio Director introduced me to it and it’s now my 11-year-old daughter’s favorite restaurant. Nobody my age knows about it, and they have some of the very best food in L.A. I like secrets.”

For non-design browsing around the LCDQ…

A.P.C., Book Soup, and the Rick Owens store on La Brea. L.A. has a democratic instinct for quality and style. If you are unique, you will be loved on those merits. These stores are examples of that.”

Book Soup

Netto often peruses the shelves at Book Soup on Sunset Boulevard. Photo: Russell Gearhart

Where I like to have a post-LCDQ cocktail…

“A Manhattan at Jumbo’s Clown Room. (Hint: It’s a bit east, but well worth it.)”

Hotel I’d recommend to visitors…

“The Palihouse. It’s walkable, sort of ironic, the rooms are big and have kitchens, and everyone you know will be at the Sunset Tower.”

Palihouse West Hollywood

Netto recommends the charming boutique hotel Palihouse in West Hollywood. Their large guest rooms feature kitchens.
Photo: Courtesy of Palihouse West Hollywood

Inspiring place to see close to LCDQ…

“The Hollywood branch of the L.A. Public Library and the garden in the back of Hollyhock (now closed). Because Suzanne Rheinstein, with her beautiful understated traditional taste, stood for something that’s very hard to find anymore.”

Jasper Showroom

Jasper holds not only inspiration but a chance to chat with a good friend.

The hidden gem of LCDQ is really…

“Elizabeth Layug, my friend who works at Jasper. She has been in the design world for ages and knows what everybody is up to and has everybody’s number. And she was married to somebody VERY happening in the ’80s in another life.”

Biggest misconception visitors have about LCDQ is…

“That it’s just happening on La Cienega. LCDQ stands for the best of something much bigger. L.A. is a vast agglomeration of resources, mainly to the east, from Galerie Half to JF Chen and Blackman Cruz and Lawson Fenning and OK. It is one of the coolest design resource cities in the world.”

David Netto: My LCDQ

Hollywood at Home

703 N. La Cienega Boulevard | 310-273-6200

Croft Alley

8428 Melrose Place


8420 Melrose Place | 323-848-8953

Book Soup

8818 Sunset Boulevard | 310-659-3110

Jumbo’s Clown Room

5153 Hollywood Boulevard | 323-666-1187

Rick Owens

819 North La Brea Avenue | 323-931-4960


8465 Holloway Drive | 323-656-4100

Frances Howard Goldwyn Hollywood Regional Library

1623 Ivar Avenue | 323-856-8260


8525 Melrose Avenue | 310-315-3028

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