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The Legends Council (TLC) membership is by invitation. The Legends Council was created to honor the work and contributions of LEGENDS and LCDQ contributors, including past and present LEGENDS window designers, moderators and panelists along with members of the Design Leadership Network.

Created with the The Legends Council membership in mind and presented by 1stdibs, TLC Forums offer a more in-depth and technical exploration of selected topics that relate to designers and architects.

Then is Now

Moderated by Mieke Ten Have, contributing editor to WSJ magazine, New York design editor of Cultured.

Mieke Ten Have
The past often presents our future. However, objects from the past are often disregarded in design because we don’t know how, or we find it difficult to interpret them effectively in current design. Panelists will share how they effectively utilize objects from the past in stunning homes that will never be forgotten.


Made by Hand

Moderated by Ted Loos, contributing writer on art, culture and wine.

Ted Loos
In a world of mass production and compromised personal identity, designers discuss the talents of artisans and the respect for their craft. How do elements made by hand make a difference and how do you incorporate them into a project where they will be properly appreciated?


Secret Spaces in Private Places

Moderated by Linda O’Keeffe, author and creative director.

Linda O'Keeffe
Let’s take a behind-the- scenes look at beautiful spaces. This panel explores interesting stories of personal spaces that you will not see on the pages of your favorite shelter magazines.


All in the Family

Moderated by Tony Freund, 1stdibs Director of Fine Art and Editor in Chief of Introspective Magazine.

Tony Freund
Parent and son or daughter designers discuss their aesthetic similarities and differences and the impact they have on each other in their design careers today.


Keynote Panels, Presented by Benjamin Moore:


Generations Y and Z: The Be-all and End-all of Today’s Youngest Design Talents

Moderated by Whitney Robinson, Editor in Chief, Elle Decor

Whitney Robinson
A new crop of designers shares the secrets of their success and how they approach design differently in our changing world.


Inside the Crystal Ball

Moderated by Sophie Donelson, Editor in Chief, House Beautiful

Whitney Robinson
Design experts share design predictions for tomorrow’s home. This panel will explore colors, concepts and the future of design.


Collections from the Past with an Eye on the Future

Moderated by Jamie Drake, New York based interior designer and principal of Drake/Anderson

Jamie Drake
Building a collection is a form of building wealth. Some of us have a bit of J Paul Getty, Sir Hans Sloane and Henry Frick in us. What is the proper methodology for building a collection? “This panel of experts discusses strategies for building a collection and incorporating it into your home for future generations to enjoy.


Life Beyond Design: A Conversation with David Netto & Nate Berkus

Moderated by Charlotte Moss, interior designer, author, and designer of home furnishings lines

Charlotte Moss
The design success of these accomplished designers goes without saying. Join these acclaimed designers as they share their fun and personal experiences and insights on how they have extended their brand beyond designing for a client into a world of product design, licensing, public appearances and lifestyle mentorship.


Moving On Up

Moderated by Michael Wollaeger, Editor in Chief, Design LA

Michael Wollaeger
There are just some things that never change. They were never good, they aren’t good today and they will never be good. This panel discusses design elements and design practices that need to be put to rest. What needs to go and how can we change the nemeses that plague us in the design world as we move on into the future?


Tried and True

Moderated by Jill Waage, Editor in Chief, Traditional Home

Jill Waage
There are some designs and design elements that are timeless and, with varying degrees of interpretations, will carry forward into tomorrow’s home. This panel of experienced designers has successfully interpreted design elements that have stood the test of time. They have seen trends come and go. Hear their forecasts for what design elements will carry forward for years to come.


Finishing Touches

Moderated by Ellen McGauley, Senior Editor, Coastal Living

Ellen McGauley
When is a space finished? This panel discusses putting that last touch on a project for maximum effect. Accessories, flowers, plants and lighting are just some elements to make your project pop.


Flipping for Design

Moderated by Frank Fontana, designer, author, Emmy-nominated TV and radio host

Frank Fontana
Designers discuss their experiences in buying real estate with the intent to improve and sell for profit.


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