Alexandra Loew
L.A. designer Alexandra Loew pondering a possible shopping spree.

When she was a documentary filmmaker, Alexandra Loew used her medium to tell engaging stories. She does the same today as a successful interior designer and architect from her offices in Los Angeles and New York. Passionate about history and research, Loew projects that into her design work, which reflects a balance of the client’s wishes and a perspective that lifts them to a daring, refined and unexpected place.

Loew worked for the esteemed Morphosis architecture firm before setting out on her own in 2003. Since then, she’s gained a long list of of clients with distinctive projects, from an Old World art collector in NYC to a pop star in the Hollywood Hills. Despite the diversity of spaces, Loew’s approach is to listen, problem solve and apply a layer of fantasy and invention to make something transformative and tailor made to each person.

Loew’s interiors always balance a respect for the past while always feeling modern. In a 10-year old shingle-style home, the designer imagined a Dutch farmhouse mixing Dutch, Belgian, and Netherlandish antiques with contemporary art.

That winning formula results in a beach house with masculine refinement dubbed “French Cowboy” or a relatively new home reimagined as a Dutch farmhouse filled with patina and personality. 

We were thrilled when she took time in her busy schedule, including an interview with L.A. Home, to tell us about the places she loves to go while browsing around the LCDQ. Read on for her no-longer secret source list.

My favorite places to shop around the LCDQ…

Jamal’s Rugs and I have developed a short hand over the years. He always locates the perfect carpet for the room from his vast inventory. His photographic memory never ceases to amaze me. He is kind, gets my aesthetic, and serves tea with Persian rock candy. Can a designer ask for more? On the rare days when I bring my daughter with me, they treat her like royalty.

Galerie Carole Decombe mixes twentieth century vintage and contemporary decorative art with the savoir faire of a French woman. I love that Los Angeles now has a little piece of the Carre Rive Gauche on Melrose.

Loew never misses an opportunity to drop in on Jamal’s Rugs. Galerie Carole Decombe is the Carre Rive Gauche of Melrose, says Loew.

Una Malan carries Dimitriy & Co, a favorite for upholstery pieces, and Helene Aumont, whose lighting creations are hand-wrapped with silk cording and hand-knotted passementerie. Plus, Una’s love for design and the L.A. design community is infectious.

Ancient Egypt is my current obsession, and Barakat Gallery has examples from many dynasties and periods. It’s nice to be reminded that the ingredients of beauty—proportion, scale, and color—are an ancient tradition that require an eye more than access to any particular technology or matter. A great destination for complementing modern art, and sourcing statement pieces for contemporary environments.”

Una Malan and Barakat Gallery
Una Malan and Barakat Gallery are Loew’s newest interests.

LEGENDS X Window - Galerie Carole Decombe by Alexandra Loew
“Ancient Egypt is my current obsession,” says Loew, who used a 7th-4th c. BC Egyptian wooden funerary mask and replica King Tut throne from Barakat Gallery in her window vignette at Galerie Carole Decombe during the LEGENDS X event May 8-10, 2018.

Best score ever was…

“Other than my two children? Discovering meditation by finding the right teacher at the right time. But design wise…A Persian jajem from Jamal’s Rugs in blue and white stripes, which is draped over my entry table.”

Biggest design weakness and where we can always get our fix…

“Chairs and artwork. This chair from Lee Stanton combines two of my favorite things, French Art Deco and Egyptian blue. This work by Nicolas and Sebastian Reese from a series is even more beautiful in person. And a vintage Gucci handbag from Regeneration. It’s ladylike and the clasp is lapis lazuli. It’s perfection.”

Aleandra Loew LCDQ finds
Two of Loew’s best scores include a chair from Lee Stanton and artwork by Nicolas and Sebastian Reese

I am currently on the hunt for…

“… a Morris Louis painting, a work by Vija Celmins, and a Beverly Pepper sculpture.”

Where I take clients (or ourselves) before/after shopping LCDQ…

Gemini G.E.L. They are print makers for the world’s great contemporary artists and are housed in an early Frank Gehry building. It’s a Los Angeles treasure. For lunch, Croft Alley. Chef Phuong let my son intern there the first summer they opened. I believe he still has the letter of resignation.”

Croft Alley
The designer likes to take clients to Gemini G.E.L., printmakers to today’s art stars. She will then grab lunch and a coffee at the tucked away Croft Alley.

For non-design browsing around the LCDQ…

Lead Apron, the gallery belonging to my friend and art dealer, Jonathan Brown. He has a great eye for art and design, and the gallery smells good. Also The Row… the restraint and construction of the clothing is exquisite. The Apartment at The Line for picking up kitchen and bath accessories.”

Where I’d like to have a post-LCDQ cocktail…

“The garden behind The Polo Lounge, at the Beverly Hills Hotel. A six-minute drive from my office and I’m transported all the way to Acapulco in the ‘70s. In the winter, I’ll have a bourbon with one cube. During summer months, it’s a Ricard with lots of ice. Or a Turmeric + CBD shot at Erewhon. I’m not much of a drinker, especially during the week. My favorite way to spend time with people is to hike. Franklin, Runyon, Tree People and Griffith Park have great trails for an after-work walk. As an architect, designer and mom, I spend so much time sitting at a computer or in a car. Walking is my favorite way to recharge and dream up the next thing.

Alexandra Loew LCDQ
Loew takes her cocktails in the garden behind The Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills. She suggests Sunset Tower for visitors.

Hotel I’d recommend to visitors…

Sunset Tower. It’s quiet and elegant.

Salsa dancing at Beverly Hills’s Sofitel Hotel keeps the designer feeling young and connected with people. She is excited for the recent arrival of Tabarka in the LCDQ.
An inspiring place to see around LCDQ…

“Salsa dancing at The Sofitel on Wednesdays nights. It’s a wonderful celebration of the mix that is Los Angeles. I love the energy of salsa dancing – it keeps me feeling young, adaptable and connected with people.

I think the hidden gem in the area is …

“Besides the rooftop public tennis courts across from the PDC? Vince Jelineo. He does outside sales for exquisite and exclusive fabric and carpet weavers, such as my personal fave, Soie de Lune.”

Alexandra Loew: My LCDQ

Lee Stanton

769 N La Cienega Boulevard | 310-855-9800

Jamal’s Rugs

665 N La Cienega Boulevard | 310-289-9777

Galerie Carole Decombe

8629 Melrose Avenue | 424-335-0111

Una Malan

822 N. La Cienega | 424-335-0277

Bakarat Gallery

941 N. La Cienega Boulevard | 310-859-8408

Gemini G.E.L.

8365 Melrose Avenue | 323-651-0513

Croft Alley

8428 Melrose Avenue | 323-650-9090

Lead Apron

8440 Melrose Place | 310-853-1900

The Row

8440 Melrose Place | 310-853-1900

The Line

8463 Melrose Place, 2nd floor | 323-746-5056

The Sofitel

8555 Beverly Boulevard | 310-278-5444

Vince Jelineo

8811 Alden Drive | 310-435-7464


912 N. La Cienega Boulevard |  323-320-4980

Catch Alexandra if you can…