Offering a stunning and culturally deep-rooted collection of vintage and antique rugs for more than 30 years, Woven, formerly known as Woven Accents, has just debuted a rebrand. Coinciding with the rebrand is the introduction of Studio Woven, a contemporary collection comprised of six series of rugs: Haptic, Terrain, High:Low, Rhythm, Pattern and Mutation—all of which are designed in-house at Woven’s West Hollywood showroom and are customizable by size, color, material and weave.

Holding true to a notable legacy in the vintage and antique rug space, Woven’s Principal Creative Director Sam Moradzadeh and Design Director Christina Tullock approached the rebrand with artistic ingenuity. Intrigued by the nomadic lifestyle and moved by the notion of rug as place, Moradzadeh and Tullock create rugs that are meant not only to emphasize a living space, but to live amongst you in your home. In doing so, Studio Woven boldly shifts the rug conversation from product to the building blocks of architecture—a necessity to the grounding of any home.

Below are images pulled from the new Woven catalogue which was shot in Iceland, the Mojave Desert and Malibu. The exquisite images offer a glimpse into the new Studio Woven series and Woven rebrand:


Woven Haptic Rugs

The Haptic series (Kai shown left, Suku shown right) plays with the richness of texture and juxtaposition of styles in both neutral warm and cool colors.


Woven Terrain Rugs

The Terrain series (Ro shown left, Iaon shown right) pays homage to the landscape through soft ridges and high piles intermixed with dense weaves.


Woven High-Low Rugs

The High:Low series (Dilla and Phife shown left, Phife shown right) evokes lush movements through long woolen strands with slices of color for added dimension.


Woven Rhythm Rugs

The Rhythm series (Pris shown left, Adewale shown right) is louder with its vibrant colors and playful beat.


Woven Pattern Rugs

The Pattern series (Welko shown left, Esther shown right) exhibits clean-edged lines inspired by the Bauhaus movement and Swedish modernism.


Woven Mutation Rugs

The Mutation series (Airro shown left, Sumo shown right) focuses on imperfections and sets a meditative tone with its muted color combinations.

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