“I would rather have a fabulous piece from my own workshop than a mediocre antique.” With our fundamental belief, Rose Tarlow founded Rose Tarlow Melrose House as a preeminent producer of antiqued furniture and textiles for over 25 years.

Rose Tarlow Melrose House embraces the integrity and impeccable quality understood by generations of craftsmen and artisans, and recognize that age, imperfection and use bring character. Rose takes an idea and plays with it, changing the proportion, making it comfortable and adding features that only those who know can see. “I try to design furniture that has a period flavor but with its own distinct personality,” Rose has stated. Rose Tarlow Melrose House celebrates the enigmatic beauty of imperfections; for us, the magic is in these details.

Educated at the New York School of Interior Design, Rose Tarlow, having always had an affinity for old traditions, opened the doors to Tarlow Antiques in 1976. An immediate success, Rose decided to expand her highly sought after shop and embark on her design career after being discouraged with the current marketplace that didn’t live up to her extremely high standard. Undaunted by the dwindling interest in antiques, Rose trusted her keen eye and mused, “Don’t try to be different; just be excellent.” At Rose Tarlow Melrose House, she oversees the creation of timeless designs that possess a twist and character that makes every pattern, every chair, every table, everything we make – extraordinary.

A fine balance between emotion and intellect continues to ensure that our collection upholds the stylistic vision Rose has when designing for a personal client. Merging past and present seamlessly. Special attention to authenticity, functionality, and proportion are hallmarks of a Rose Tarlow Melrose House piece. It’s this odd beauty that is the magic of Rose Tarlow Melrose House and at the heart of everything we create.