Laurel and Wolf, a one-stop, online interior design service, has moved into the La Cienega Design Quarter, and is hosting a house warming on September 10, 2015.


Founded by Leura Fine and Brandon Kleinman, Laurel and Wolf offers an interactive, technologically modern way for consumers to receive design services for a room, home or commercial space. There is no hourly rate, but rather, a one-time flat fee per room.

The process begins with the customer taking an interactive quiz in order to assess taste, space, budget, likes and dislikes and providing any photos of the space and dimensions. Up to five Laurel and Wolf designers put together “first looks” based on given information and preferences, and the customer selects one of those designers to work with one-on-one. Once the final design is completed, the designer digitally delivers a floor plan, style board, and shopping list for all the items in the room, along with specific instructions for installation.

Even though the process is online, there is still a personal interaction between the customer and the chosen designer, elevating the process beyond computer to computer. The process averages two weeks.

“We believe in the power of great design and how it can transform the way you work, live and love,” say the founders of Laurel and Wolf. Their La Cienega location already has about 40 team members and is growing. They have a network of 500 designers nationwide.

Laurel and Wolf
708 North Croft Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069