La Cienega Design Quarter 2013Downtown’s north window designed by Kim Alexandriuk for #LEGENDS2013.

Kim Alexandriuk designed her #LEGENDS2013 window at Downtown as an homage to bold beauties of the 80s. “My window challenges the neon-naysayers, and poses the question: who wouldn’t want to be immortalized as a muse of Patrick Nagel or Robert Palmer? To be forever young and addicted to love.”

Drawing on a number of influences, including her European heritage, reverence for architecture, and passion for travel, the Santa Monica-based Kim Alexandriuk introduces modern elements into classic settings for rooms that express warmth, sophistication, and a sense of timelessness. Her foray into carpet design employs those same principles which can be seen in her “Modern Primitive” Collection for Doris Leslie Blau. When not designing, Alexandriuk enjoys long walks on the beach and overused clichés.

Downtown carries pieces from the 20th century and earlier and offers historical knowledge with high energy and imagination. Downtown’s efforts are focused on outstanding Italian, French and American pieces from Interior Designers and Architects. Their Classics Collection features lighting, mirrors and furniture inspired by classic design. This collection has evolved from the many unique antique and vintage pieces Downtown has collected throughout the years.

Window Credits:

Habite : White Ivory Mohair Sofa
Larsen through Cowtan & Tout: Linen & Metallic Fabrics:
Downtown: Black & White Murano Pendant, Italian 1980s
JF Chen C-­Project: “Nun” Floor Lamp
JF Chen Loft: 1980s Electronics
KA Design: Custom Patrick Nagel Reproduction
KA Design: Custom Red LED Sign
The CollectIon Los Angeles: Black & White Bar
Dragonette Ltd: Dragonette Private Label Black Mirror
JF Chen Loft: Appoggio Chairs by Claudio Salocchi
JF Chen Loft: Bookshelf
JF Chen Loft: Striped Table Lamp
Mecox: Nickel Greyhound Figure
Jason Friend: Finish Carpentry
Lloyd’s Custom Furniture: Upholstery
Luca’s Logistics: Moving Service
Avellino Tile and Stone Corporation: Tile Service
N.T. Audio & Video: Audio & Video Services
Alexandrea Quevedo: Assistant Designer

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