katie la barge
In September 2008, Marge Carson Showroom opened its doors in the prestigious La Cienega Design Quarter under the keen eye of Katie LaBarge. Katie serves as both Manager and Designer of this flagship showroom, which exclusively carries Marge Carson, one of the world’s largest and oldest privately-owned fine furniture companies, known for its phenomenal designs, beautiful custom fabrics, and finishes and trims.

Simply put, Katie understands the industry, the design field, and most importantly, people. Having grown up in a furniture family, (her father is CEO of Marge Carson and her grandfather started LaBarge Mirrors) she knows first-hand the details and care that goes into each piece of furniture. As a young child accompanying her father to the factory of both LaBarge Mirrors and Marge Carson, she was able to get a great sense of whom the people were that build, finish, design, upholster, sell, and run the furniture business. This extensive knowledge helps her truly understand the industry and how to effectively please her clients.

In addition to her practical, hands-on knowledge of the furniture industry, Katie has studied design. For her B.S., Katie attended West Virginia University and the Intercontinental School in London, and graduated with a degree in Interior Design. While in college she also completed a design internship, which took her to places such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Hong Kong giving her an understanding of design from a worldwide perspective. Katie has lived and worked in Los Angeles for the last ten years and is currently on the Board of the La Cienega Design Quarter. Since graduating college, she has designed on her own, worked with other designers, and familiarized and sold various lines of furniture including Henredon, Barbara Barry, and Ralph Lauren.

Last, and most importantly, Katie understands her clients. Serving both the design community and the home owner, she has designed homes for clients in the greater Los Angeles area and Orange County, as well as Oregon, Michigan, Ohio and as far away as Jordan, China and New Zealand. Having designed a wide range of homes, all with unique styles, she understands that homes are personal and takes the time to get to know her clients and thus, is able to reflect their personality into their space. From French Chateaus to Spanish Villas to Modern Penthouses, Katie truly loves all aspects of design.