As the LEGENDS 2014 windows begin coming down this week, one LCDQ dealer has preserved the memories of the creation of their windows on video. For the past 4 years furniture dealers Fuller + Roberts have filmed the making of their window for the LCDQ’s annual LEGENDS event, creating a video series they call “The LCDQ Window Project.”

“We started doing these videos to commemorate each window and give the designers a chance to explain what they’re doing. In the video we have the designer talk about their inspiration and how they decided to design their window,” says Scott Roberts. “There’s more of a story than what meets the eye.”

Their most recent video is on the production of Timothy Corrigan’s LEGENDS 2014 window themed to “Valley of the Dolls.” The LEGENDS 2014 theme is Novel Interiors: Storytelling by Design.

Previous designers who have been filmed for The LCDQ Window Project are:
Jane Hallworth, on the theme of “Time Capsule” in 2013.

Betsy Burnham, whose inspiration was Quogue, NY, for LEGENDS 2012: Windows to the World

Jane Hallworth, on the theme of “All Night Long He Sailed Upon It,” a painting by Joseph Turner, for LEGENDS 2011: Celebrate Art.

Access to a film crew is easy for Fuller + Roberts. Bryan Fuller is a writer-producer (“Hannibal,” “Pushing Daisies”), and Scott Roberts was an art director and set director for television before he switched careers and began selling antique furniture, at first working for Patrick Dragonette before opening his own shop with Fuller. Says Roberts, “I found that I liked doing interior design work more than creating sets, which were always torn down. People are always so happy when they walk into their home, and I enjoy that.”

Fuller + Roberts sells an unusual assortment of Midcentury furniture and recently introduced a premiere line of heirloom furniture, “The Mayfield Collection,” by Los Angeles designers Brandon + Bradley. The small collection features American black walnut with polished solid brass accents, made using artisanal methods of craftsmanship.

Fuller + Roberts
729 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90069