FORM’s Legends 2013 window at Antonio’s Bella CasaFORM’s Legends 2013 window at Antonio’s Bella Casa

LEGENDS 2013 is officially over, and, indeed, “everything must go!” as the window conveniently notes. As of today, all of the windows in the La Cienega Design Quarter created by a fantastic array of interior designers from around the country for #Legends2013 are now but a memory. We thought our followers might like to see each window design and know a bit about the designers behind it and their point of inspiration. So for the next 46 days we’ll be posting one window image a day along with
background information.

FORM is the collaboration of Emmy award-winning designer Joshua Rose and Chinese medical practitioner Rafael Kalichstein. FORM has completed over 70 projects, including the U.S. headquarters for multinational film corporation Senator Entertainment, the LA headquarters of hospitality PR giant Wagstaff Worldwide and homes for a host of celebrity clientele. Joshua and Rafael believe that spaces speak. In order for a design to succeed, it is imperative that the designer listen.

The inspiration for FORM’s #Legends2013 window design at Antonio’s Bella Casa came from the following:

“Until 1868, in this country, the 14th Amendment had not been ratified by all of the states in the Union. Once it was adopted – at least outwardly – the citizens of the United States of America were projected by “equality under the law.” Since then, the consistent undercurrent of the national struggle has been inequality. We address this incongruity in our window concept, along with undercurrent perspectives on human rights, same sex marriage, and societal values.”

Window credits:
Antonio’s Bella Casa: all antiquities
Bespoke Custom Furniture
Cole Sternberg: Custom art installation
David Royer: wardrobe styling
Dragonette Limited: costume jewelry
Robert Allen Beacon Hill: all fabrics
Ryan Randall: hair stylist for mannequin

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