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Elizabeth Eakins’ Master Series collection of hand-woven wool rugs brings new life to age-old artistic practices. Each rug is constructed with care right in the Elizabeth Eakins studio.

“What makes the Master Series Rugs such a special collection is that the entire production is done in our Connecticut studio,” said showroom sales manager Allison Splain. ”We have total control of quality from start to finish and we are able to touch and feel the rug every step of the way.”

The very wool used in the rugs originates from Elizabeth’s own sheep and from those of other small farms around the nation. Once the wool is gathered, it is then hand-dyed to meet the exact color specifications of the client. Clients can also opt to use the natural tones of the fleece, which can range from light cream to dark brown.

Once dyed, Elizabeth Eakins’ skilled artisans wind the yarns, thread them on the loom, and weave them.

“Our Master Weaver Emilie is constantly experimenting on her loom with new threading and treadling sequences in order to create new and beautiful weave structures to add to our line,” said Splain.

To finish the rugs, the team hand seams and custom finishes them to the correct specifications. Completed, these flat woven rugs feature textured weave structures that include hand-woven wool grids, plaids and stripes.

According to Splain, “Our Master Series rugs are soft, never over powering and have the ability to melt into the room they are placed.”

Elizabeth Eakins
8550 Melrose Ave.
West Hollywood, CA 90069