Taking nature as its inspiration, Tufenkian Carpets introduces circular pattern area rugs with motifs that remind of the sun, the moon, bubbles, infinity and life itself. The patterns in the rugs combined with the shimmering silk material are soothing and almost mesmerizing. The rugs are made of wool, or a combination of wool and silk, wool and bamboo silk, and wool and linen.

There are many patterns in the circular series: Cirque, Cloister, Clover, Cobblestone, Compass, Effervescence, Galaxy, Harvest Moon, Ione, Kiwi, Mercurio, Sequins, Total Eclipse and Tranquility.  Designed by Barbara Barry, Kevin Walz, Mark Pollack and by founder James Tufenkian,  the various rugs play on balance and infinity, enchanting their way into any room.

Bringing a modern aesthetic to the ancient craft of rug-making, Tufenkian’s designs captivate any room with their remarkable color and detail and unparalleled handmade character.  A proponent and advocate of social responsibility, environmental preservation, and worker welfare, Tufenkian applies its standard for excellence to all areas of its business while still maintaining quality materials and craftsmanship that empower the handcrafted designs.

501 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone: 323.654.5405


Cirque-Pewter Cloister-Slate Cloverloop-Marzipan Effervescence-Absinthe HarvestMoon-Slate Heavenly-Silver Mercurio-PewterLake SequinsBorder-Abalone Tranquility-Sand