An excerpt from The Style Saloniste:

A surprising and revealing conversation with Bob Garcia, partner of Therien, the venerable and admired forty-year-old trend-setting antiques galleries in Los Angeles and San Francisco. We discussed new ways of thinking about antiques, trends in collecting, and why fine antiques will always be desirable.

I caught up with Bob, a longtime friend of mine, at the recent San Francisco Fall Antique Show. Bob, who travels constantly to buy in Paris, London, Lisbon, Rome, Stockholm, is considered one of the leading antique dealers in the world. Yet he is deeply immersed and involved in the modern design world and his antennae tingle for new directions, the reality of design today, and the onward march of changing tastes and trends.

Sit down with us and gather insights and new ideas. And take a close look at Bob’s collection presented at the San Francisco Fall Antique Show at the end of October. His collection perfectly illustrates his concepts.

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