Never mind about Paul or Brian, the one most people come to see at Paul Marra is Lily.  Lily is a 7 year-old Staffordshire terrier mix who Paul adopted from a Petco adoption event when she was 9 months old.  One might wonder about a 55-lb dog in a shop with breakables, but Lily’s never broken anything in the showroom.

Lily greets visitors with her tail wagging and a toy in her mouth.  Some customers come in just to get their “Lily fix” and regulars like the UPS guy and Greg, the unofficial Mayor of La Cienega, always bring her treats. Designer Lizzie Dinkel has long been a fan of Staffordshires and has one of her own, but Lily holds a special place in her heart and whenever Lizzie stops by she can be found crouched down playing with Lily.

Staffordshires were originally known as a workingmen’s dog and Lily’s no slouch in this department.  She sticks to a strict showroom schedule.  She naps in her bed at the back of the showroom in the morning, but as soon as the afternoon sun hits the front windows, she’s laying front and center in the window display.  So dedicated to her work is Lily that at quitting time she hates to get in the car and go home.