Philip Nimmo is a tour de force in the world of iron, with highly sought after collections of fire screens, lighting, furniture, hardware and ornamental ironwork. He also has a star-studded roster of clients for his interior design services that includes Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jim Carrey, Jaclyn Smith, and Oscar award-winning musician Randy Newman, as well as financial and media magnates from both coasts.

From his atelier on Orlando next to Alexander McQueen, Philip designs an artistic line of hand-wrought iron pieces sold through select showrooms. Philip Nimmo Ironworks are sought after throughout the United States and all the way to Dubai and Australia.

Philip has been compared to Calder, Giacometti and Mondrian. Interior Design magazine called Philip a “Furniture Talent” and presented a full-page feature on him in 2008, noting, “While his work evokes a blend of Piet Mondrian and Alberto Giacometti with its chunky forms and regimented geometrics, it was vintage bangles and pendants that inspired the Ramona fire screen … and the Bauhaus-esque Quadro takes a different turn.” David Keeps of The Los Angeles Times called his Forma table “a sculptural piece that echoes Alexander Calder.”

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