Soli Architectural Surfaces showroom

It only takes a quick peek inside the Soli Architectural Surfaces showroom to be amazed by their wide range of high quality surfaces. Within the design community, Soli is known for using a unique assortment of materials for their surfaces, such as seashells, coconut husks, reclaimed metals and Swarovski crystals. Both durable and design-driven, their exclusive collection of Basalt, Granite, Marble, Terrazzo and Sandstone are all available in a variety of treatments.

Adding to their line of luxury products, Soli introduces three new exotic choices of stone:

A beautiful find from a small quarry in India, Lotus is the first purple natural stone to have made it’s way to Soli’s collection.

Loire_Light and Dark
Loire’s sugar-sand flecks and striations of rust and gray creates a subtle, neutral tone, making this polished marble an exquisite backdrop for furnishings and fixtures.

A vein-cut marble with unbridled variation from China, Equus comes in a polished finish and can be acid-etched to add more depth and texture.

These new pieces are all available in-stock and in slab. Equus is also available in
12″ x 14″ tiles.

For more information on Soli Architectural Surfaces please visit or visit their showroom:

Soli Architectural Surfaces
8483 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90069