Best-selling author and design expert Susanna Salk presents her latest book, “At Home with Dogs and their Designers,” at a book signing celebration at Mecox on Thursday Nov. 16, from 6-8pm.

At Home With Dogs

With photographs by Stacey Bewkes, a former LEGENDS ambassador, the book is about how designers, including LCDQ members Kelly Wearstler and Martyn Lawrence Bullard, manage their furry companions in their stylish interiors.

Betsy Burnham, a past LEGENDS window designer, says, “It’s entirely possible to live both with dogs and beautiful things, but … first, train your dogs. Second, relax. Living with dogs also means everything can’t be done one hundred percent perfect all the time, so lean into this and enjoy it.”

A bevy of LCDQ designer friends, such as Windsor Smith, Alex Papachristidis, Nathan Turner and Eric Hughes, provide advice in the book on living a stylish life and having dogs at home.

In addition to hosting the book signing for Salk, Mecox welcomes local artist Patrick Bonneau as he presents a curated collection of his art.

Mecox LCDQ Dog Invite


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