La Cienega Design Quarter 2013

La Cienega Design Quarter 2013

Marge Carson showroom window designed by Andrea Michaelson for #LEGENDS2013.

“There is no present or future – only the past, happening over and over again – now.”
Eugene O’Neill in A Moon for the Misbegotten

A late-18th-century church altar architectural element from Italy was the foundation for Andrea Michaelson’s antique-crusted window display at Marge Carson during #Legends2013. “It is because of this piece, which I had bought for a client and he agreed to loan to me, that I agreed to design the window,” she says.

The designer thoroughly mined the past in her window design, juxtaposing antiques, art, architectural elements and curiosities from other eras in her composition.

Michaelson’s unique point of view has been honed for over 25 years through a broad range of residential and commercial interior design projects. Her background in architecture and extensive world travel is pervasive in all projects that bear the AMD name. Michaelson’s refined aesthetic in mixing periods and cultures gives her interiors an enduring quality that appears fresh and relevant. She continues to curate her own collections of rare textiles, furniture, and fashion accessories.

Founded in 1947 by California-based interior designer Marjorie Reese Carson, Marge Carson brings to the marketplace elegant furniture of impeccable quality with tailored applications of luxurious fabrics, trims, finishes and accents. Today, Marge Carson, privately owned and operated by the LaBarge family, continues to introduce creative and stylish upholstery with generously proportioned silhouettes, along with case goods and furniture showcasing intricate, sculpted, architecturally-based designs that are as exquisite as they are functionally distinguished.

Window Credits:

Andrea Michaelson: church altar architectural element from Italy, late 18th – early 19th c.
Hallworth: Kevin Inkawhich Tripod Lamp
Big Daddy’s: open crate
Globequest Express: closed crate used as coffee table
Grand Fragment Giltwood from Italy, 18th c., Gilded Wood Lantern on later stone and iron base from Italy, 18th c.
Dagmar: zinc fountain element, church reliquary from Italy
Melissa Levinson Antiques: wedding car axle bracket (18th c.), primitive carved wood alter-sticks (18th c.), a pair of carved faux painted columns on iron bases (19th c.) and a pair of carved and painted candelabras with iron prickets
Voila: Sam Frost’s ‘Looking through Time’, Paris Musee d’Orsay photograph
Therien: pair of patinated brass and mirrored tables c. 1960 from France, Asante leather and brass chieftans throne chair asipim (19th c.) from Ghana
Dragonette Ltd: four panel scaletta folding screen by Fornasetti, Italy
Gray Gallery: cubist sculpture stone (unsigned) and copper candle sticks (unsigned)
Joannes Lucas: Cybel Rowe sculptures in ceramic and bronze
Sam Kaufman: wood figure assemblage (unsigned)
Obsolete: Kodak folding camera c. 1920, clock hands from France, 18th c.
Andrea Michaelson Design Collection: carved and gilded frame and mirror (19th c.), vintage yardstick and measuring tape, assorted vintage pillows, gilded and carved painted wood table, France

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