Each month we highlight press coverage of our member showrooms for work they’ve done or pieces that designers have sourced from them.  Head on down to your local newsstand to pick up any or all of these publications and then if you’re interested in learning more or purchasing one of the pieces you saw in an article, please contact the showroom directly and they’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Domino (Great Style at Any Age issue)
“Perfect Pairs:  Dining Table & Chandelier” article on pages 35-37
Featured LCDQ showroom:
dining table from Baker

ELLE DECOR (What’s Hot Now issue)
“What’s Hot!  Tony Duquette” article on pages 44-46
Featured LCDQ showroom:
furniture from Baker

“The 10 Most Luminous Floor Lamps” article on pages 66-68
Featured LCDQ showroom:
floor lamp from Baker

“Family Affair” article on pages 112-121
Designer Kristin Buckingham
Featured LCDQ showroom:
sconces from Remains Lighting

House Beautiful (The Ultimate Color Issue)
“What’s Right For You? Warm” article on pages 56-67

Designer Christina Rottman
Featured LCDQ showrooms:
fabrics by Rose Tarlow Melrose House
sconces and candleholders by Paul Ferrante

“What’s Right for You? Intense” article on pages 96-107.
Designer Jeffrey Bilhuber
Featured LCDQ showroom:
bed from Hollyhock

Metropolitan Home (Smart Small Spaces issue)
“Back on Tract” article on pages 104-111

Designer William Stewart Designs Inc.
Featured LCDQ showroom:
sconce & chandelier from Downtown

Southern Accents (Timeless Beauty issue)
“Totier Creek Farm” article on pages 80-91

Designer Barry Dixon
Featured LCDQ showroom:
furniture by Rose Tarlow Melrose House

“Cool & Calm in Coconut Grove” article on pages 98-107
Designer Peters & Mbiango Interiors
Featured LCDQ showrooms:
furniture by Rose Tarlow Melrose House
furniture by George Smith

Traditional Home (Colorful Solutions for Every Room issue)
“Big Top Style” on pages 29-42

Featured LCDQ showroom:
garden seat from Baker

“What’s New, What’s Next” on pages 44-46
Featured LCDQ showroom:
furniture & accessories from Woodson & Rummerfield

“Great House at Greystone” spread on pages 50-110

The Library by David Phoenix/Rose Tarlow
sofa, chairs, mirror, fabric & coffee table from Rose Tarlow Melrose House
andirons, lantern & ladder from Paul Ferrante

Garden Retreat by Suzanne Rheinstein
lantern & screen from Hollyhock

Salon d’Art by Katie Leede-McGloin
chair from Marge Carson
coffee tables from Downtown

Her Guest Room by Elizabeth Dinkel
mirror from Downtown
desk & accessories from Paul Marra Design

Master Bedroom by Windsor Smith
coffee table from Hollyhock

Master Suite Hall & Bath by Michelle Nussbaumer
rug from Woven Accents
drawing from Dragonette

Family Kitchen by Veranda editors
table from Bausman & Co.

Petit Salon by Veranda editors
sofa from Marge Carson

Recreation Wing by Tim Clarke
table from Bausman & Co.

Guest Sitting Room by Joe Lucas/Parish Chilcoat
fabric from Rose Tarlow Melrose House

Western Interiors (Fresh Natural Style issue)
“Love Handles” Door Hardware round-up on page 18

Featured LCDQ showroom:
cabinet hardware from Nanz Hardware

“Mediterranean à la Mode” article on pages 84-91
Designer Hélène Aumont
Featured LCDQ showroom:
furniture by Rose Tarlow Melrose House