340x.jpg  vs.  kors.jpg

Ladies and Gentleman, on the left wearing a golden silk caftan with the jaw-dropping necklace, weighing in at an undisclosed weight and height is the “Duquette Disciple,” Huuuuuutttttoonnnnn Willllllllkinson!

And to the right, wearing a smart blue blazer with, you know, just a plain, white (or black, I can’t quite tell, but definitely wearing jeans) t-shirt, also, not surprisingly, not disclosing his weight or height is the “American Dream,” Michaeeeeeeeeeeeel Korssssssssssss!

Sorry for that, I couldn’t resist.  Anyway, I read this interesting, little tidbit on the LA Times “All the Rage” blog this morning.  Apparently, Hutton Wilkinson, Tony Duquette‘s longtime design partner and now President of Tony Duquette Inc., has sued Michael Kors for both using the Duquette name to market his clothes and for using photos, images and patterns from Tony Duquette, the popular book co-written by Wilkinson, in ads.

I’ve written about Mr. Wilkinson before in this blog (here.)  He is a long time La Cienega shopper who will be designing one of the store windows for the “Legends of La Cienega” event I blogged about in my last post.  It could be interesting to see what happens.