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The theme for LEGENDS X: TODAY’S VISION, TOMORROW’S HOME, will be expressed in the 50 windows of the member LCDQ shops, showrooms and galleries. Designers from around the country have been invited to create vignettes in the windows on the theme.

This year’s window theme is an interpretation of a designer’s vision of inspiring and meaningful architecture and interior design and how it has transitioned or will transition over time. The theme challenges designers to answer the question: “What makes for a timeless interior, incorporating the past or only looking to the future.”

Adam Bram Straus, Jamal​’s Rug Collection

Adam Bram Straus​ Design
Los Angeles, CA

Alexandra Loew​, Carole Decombe

​Alfredo Designs LLC
Los Angeles, CA

Alfredo Llamedo-Sierra​, Hollywood Sierra Kitchens

​Alexandra Loew
Los Angeles, CA

Andrew Brown​, Downtown

Andrew Brown Interiors
Birmingham, AL

Beth Webb​, Harbinger​

​B​eth Webb Interiors
Atlanta, GA

Bill Ingram​, Farrow & Ball

Bill Ingram Architect
Atlanta, GA

Carole Decombe, Richard Shapiro

​Galerie Decombe​
​Los Angeles, CA

Celerie Kemble​, Arteriors

​Kemble Interiors
​Los Angeles, CA

Cesar Giraldo​, Rhodium Floors

​​Cesar Giraldo Design​
​Los Angeles, CA

Christine Markatos, Claremont ​Furnishings Fabrics Co.

​​​Markatos Design​
​Santa Monica, CA​

Commune Design, Lee Stanton

​​​Commune Design
​Los Angeles, CA​

Corinne Brown, Tufenkian Rugs

​​​Brown Design Group​
Mammoth Lakes, CA​

Cynthia Spence, Barakat Gallery

​​​Cynthia Spence Designs​
San Francisco, CA

Disc Interiors, Hollywood at Home​

​​​Disc Interiors
​Los Angeles, CA ​​

Dorothy Willetts, Woven​

​​​Willetts Design & Associates
​Los Angeles, CA ​​

Ellie Cullman​, McKinnon & Harris

​​​Cullman & Kravis​
New York, NY​​​

FORM Design Studio​, Mehraban Rugs

​FORM Design Studio
Los Angeles, CA

Georgia Tapert Howe​, Hollywood at Home

​​​Georgia Tapert Howe
L​os Angeles, CA

Janice Francois​​, Waterworks

​​​​Francois Collective​
L​os Angeles, CA

Jeffry Weisman​​, Downtown

​​​​Fisher Weisman
San Francisco, CA

Julie Massucco Kleiner and Melissa Warner Rothblum, Nicky Rising

​​​​Massucco Warner Miller​
Los Angeles, CA

Karan Brady, Dino Oliver

​​​​Karan Brady Interiors​
Los Angeles, CA

Kristine Paige Kamenstein, Elizabeth Eakins​

​​​​Jackson Paige Interiors
Los Angeles, CA

Lauren Martin​-Moro, Lucca​ Antiques​

​​​​​L M Design Associates
​Los Angeles, CA ​

Lee Ann Thornton, Gracie

Thornton Design
G​reenwich, CT ​

Leslie Hunt, Marc Phillips Rugs

LLH Interiors
Los Angeles, CA ​

Mark Cutler, Marc Phillips

​Mark Cutler Design
Los Angeles, CA

Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Martyn Lawrence Bullard Atelier

Los Angeles, CA

Ohara Davies​-​Gaetano​, Compas

​Ohara Davies​-​Gaetano​ Interiors
Corona del Mar, CA​

Paloma Contreras​, Mecox

​Paloma Contreras Interior Design
Houston, TX

Ray Booth​, Harbinger​

​​McAlpine House​
Nashville, TN​

Sandra Espinet, Sherle Wagner

​​​​​Sandra Espinet​
San Jose del Cabo, Mexico​

Schuyler Samperton​

Schuyler Samperton​ Interior Design​
​Los Angeles, CA

Shannon Wollack​ and Brittany Zwickl
Serena & Lily​

Studio Life/Style​
​Los Angeles, CA

Shawn Henderson​
Alt for Living and Remains Lighting​

Shawn Henderson
​New York, NY​

Suzanne Duin

​Maison Maison Design
Houston, TX

Suzanne Kasler
Mansour Modern​

​Suzanne Kasler Interiors​
​Atlanta, GA​​

Timothy Corrigan​
Harbinger by Hand

​​Timothy Corrigan Inc.​
​Los Angeles, CA

Tom Stringe​r​​
Dessin Fournir

​​​Tom Stringer Design Partners​
​Chicago, IL​

Windsor Smith​
Mansour Modern

​​​​Windsor Smith Home​
​Santa Monica, CA

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