This week Convo by Design begins a podcast series of “Legendary Conversations” – interviews with 40+ interior designers from around the country talking about all things LCDQ, LEGENDS and, of course, design.

Pictured clockwise from top, left: Alex Papachristidis, Peti Lau, Dan Mazzarini, Christopher Courts & Edel Legaspi, Tom Stringer

“This special series features the very designers and decorators responsible for transforming the windows of LCDQ showrooms and shops into extraordinary spaces,” says Convo by Design podcast creator Josh Cooperman. “I also wanted to present some of the panels and keynote conversations that helped make this year’s LEGENDS event so special.”

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For over 50 years, the La Cienega Design Quarter, known as LCDQ, has been a design destination serving LA’s vibrant and extremely talented design community. Cooperman notes, “For decades, creative types have been drawn to Southern California to reinvent themselves and there has always been communities of like-minded individuals to both receive and nurture them. The La Cienega Design Quarter is one of the most influential, and the annual LEGENDS event is a beautiful example of this. For the past decade, LCDQ has been welcoming the design community and enthusiasts alike to get out of their cars and walk the district to see the amazing and wonderful creations erected in the showroom windows.”

This is the first year that Convo By Design was involved as an official media sponsor of Legends. “I cannot tell you how cool this is for me and I wanted to do something special to capture this showcase of remarkable talent,” Cooperman remarks. “It’s no secret that I think LA is one of the most relevant and important creative cities in not just the country, but the world. I think the amount and level of creative contribution in multiple disciplines makes LA a vanguard and creative icon. That doesn’t happen because of a picture, building or landmark. It happens over time and it develops because of the people.”

The first Legendary Conversations podcast episode features designers Tom Stringer of Chicago, Dan Mazzarini and Alex Papachristidis from New York, partners Edel Legaspi and Christopher Courts of Los Angeles, and a recent transplant to LA. Peti Lau of New York.

Notes from Cooperman about the 5 designers in the first podcast:

Tom Stringer’s philosophy about design is based in the joy of discovery and the pursuit of a well-lived life. Isn’t that what design should be? He creates glamour through meticulous planning blended with enthusiasm for his work. You can find his work from Chicago and Telluride to Santa Barbara and here, on the virtual La Cienega Blvd. His window has been disassembled in the real world, but not here. Listen to Tom explain his LEGENDS experience and the design he created. Make sure to hop over to the Convo By Design YouTube channel and see him and his creation.

Peti Lau is a bi-coastal interior designer with international influence. She has been featured in Architectural Digest, Wall Street Journal and other publications. She has developed a style she calls AristoFreak. I would almost call this an alter-ego. Peti blends old-world charm and new-world luxury the way some apply a high-low mix.

Dan Mazzarini, owner and creative director of design firm BHDM Design, is a story teller through his work, and his window is no different. Dan shares a clear vision for this project and he has a keen understanding of the icon he selected and what made his icon so special.

Edel Legaspi and Christopher Courts, co-founders of their eponymous firm, have developed quite a reputation for a style that is in a constant state of change based on the work and environment. Both Chris and Edel have a laid-back style yet still manage to attack the work. What they did in this window was fun and I am excited for you to hear all about it.

Alex Papachristidis is one of my favorite chats in the past 6 years of Convo By Design. He made a point to tell me that he is not a designer but a decorator, he explained why and how his design philosophy and that of his firm approaches the work with an unapologetic love of maximalism, and I saw him aggressively defend that stance in front of over 100 people. Keep checking back for the panel conversation that took place in the Tufenkian showroom. Loved it and love this; I think you will too.

All Convo By Design episodes, including the Legendary Conversations, can be found here or anywhere you get your favorite podcasts.

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