New to the La Cienega Design Quarter is Renaissance Design Studio, a showroom representing the finest and most luxurious bath hardware and decorative plumbing fixtures from France, Italy, Germany and the U.S. Some of the brands represented are Fantini, Baltica, Frank Allart, Dubois, Hamilton Sinkler and Edgar Berebi. Renaissance Design Studio also offer handcrafted millwork and custom-made staircases.

Additionally, the La Cienega showroom is home to the world renowned lighting and fixture company, Baguès Luminaires. The Famous Baguès House in Paris has been creating luxury wrought-iron lighting, much of it fantastical and whimsical, since 1860, having archived over nineteen thousand different designs over the last century.

1930s-inspired gilt iron sconce with crystal accents.

Gilt Iron sconce with authentic crystal accents.


Gilt iron chandelier with hand painted porcelain flowers.

1930s-inspired bronze 18 light palms chandelier with crystal accents.

For a full list of lines and further information, visit www.renaissancemolding.com.