Los Angeles gallery, Downtown is running its first Artist in Residence exhibition, Inside The Beast, until Friday, October 26th.

Los Angeles artist Onik Agaronyan presents a collection of hand wrought boxes in the form of bejeweled insects and animals.

Each box is unique and is hand worked in copper and semi-precious stones and jewels. Although not obvious at first each beast has an interior secret.

Artists Biography:

Onik Agaronyan, an Armenian born artist now living in Los Angeles, has been creating objects influenced by natural elements since he was 15 years old. His early custom decorative objects and mirrors are seen in homes from Malibu to Bangkok.

Onik is well known in the Decorative Arts community as a creator or unique and disciplined works. Agaronyan says, “those who collect lamps are afraid of the dark, those who collect boxes harbor many secrets.”

Inside the Beast by Onik Agaronyan at Downtown