200902mappy.jpgI love maps so, for me, this is cool, although, I’m sure it will generate plenty of controversy.  The LA Times is mapping out LA  in an attempt to establish once and for-all the borders of each of the many LA neighborhoods.  Call it overdue, helpful, quixotic, invidious, fun or presumptuous.  I’m not sure what authority the LA Times has to draw borders, or even if delineating neighborhoods has any actual implications: I’m sure realtors will continue to call Mar Vista Venice, but at least it offers a definitive guide to answering questions about where exactly you live or work in LA.  (Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Culver City appear to be defined by their negative space, since they’re not part of the City of LA.)

Apparently, most of the stores in the LCDQ are in the Fairfax neighborhood.  I guess I’m OK with that, although why not a Design Quarter neighborhood?