La Cienega Design Quarter 2013

Outside Downtown window designed by Chuck Chewning of Donghia for #LEGENDS2013.

Chuck Chewning channeled Angelo Donghia’s classically elegant, minimalist design approach for his #LEGENDS2013 window at Outside Downtown.

Chewning is the globe-trotting brand ambassador for Donghia. With more than 25 years of experience in the interior design, decorative arts and architectural preservation industries, he joined Donghia in 2008 as Creative Director, overseeing the design and curation of the company’s textiles and product collections.  He was also was given the additional title of Principal Designer at Donghia Associates after the company re-launched its Interiors concern named after its legendary designer and founder Angelo Donghia.

A quote from Chewning about his inspiration for his #LEGENDS2013 window design at Outside Downtown:

“One of the 20th century’s greatest designers, Angelo Donghia created iconic interiors in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s for the most celebrated people of that time. His vision of edited modern comfort in the context of luxurious juxtaposition of materials defined a new era of lifestyle and home furnishings.”

Outside Downtown carries pieces from the 20th century, offering historical knowledge with high energy and imagination. Outside Downtown, an Artist’s Curio Cabinet, strongly reflecting the personality of its curator David Serrano. Found objects, antiques and unique 20th century furniture are all mixed with a unique perspective.

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