Sam Moradzadeh - Woven
Principal Sam Moradzadeh at his second home, Woven’s inspiring showroom. Photo: Mike Allen

Established in 1965 by his father Abraham, you could say Sam Moradzadeh was raised on rugs, understanding from a young age every fiber, pile and stitch. So it was only natural for him to take the helm of the business in 2005. Like his dad, Moradzadeh has a sharp eye for style and has introduced a string of innovations to ensure the company remains a one-of-a-kind destination.

Located just across from the Pacific Design Center in the LCDQ, their impressive selection includes antique, vintage, tribal, as well as contemporary and heirloom styles from markets and weavers from around the world. (They have a second location in NYC.)

Although its inventory is impressive, it still feels like a boutique with the utmost service and personal touch. The styles marry trend with tradition, contemporary with classicism, ancient with modern.

With its bustling 10,000-square foot headquarters, interior designer fans aplenty, their collaboration with Design Within Reach, and Studio Woven—a line of antique and vintage masterpieces launched in 2016—the brand is a floor-covering Xanadu.

But even the most enthused shopper can become overwhelmed in a pile paradise. So Sam was good enough to share his favorite ideas for decorating with rugs, even flouting a few long-held maxims. Try one or all and we promise, you and your room will be glad you did.

Rule 1: Rugs Should Coordinate and Match Your Decor

“The Woven brand was born from a global-rug collection, so we encourage any and all rug styles to be used together! Our Studio Woven collection is specifically designed to be mixed with antique and vintage rugs. Here are some of my favorite combinations…”

• An antique Persian rug paired with natural aloo or hemp rugs
• A vintage Moroccan rug next to a Turkish kilim
• A vintage Swedish rug paired with a Chinese Art Deco rug

• A Studio Woven rug parallel to a vintage Turkish tulu

Woven Rugs Los Angeles
Moradzadeh loves a Vintage Moroccan style paired with Chinese Art Deco rug. Photos: Studio Woven

RULE 2: Layering is A No-No

“Layering rugs is a great way to personalize a space—and there are really no rules other than to go with what feels right to you. However, here are some guidelines that might help…”

• “Start with a natural aloo or abaca rug, and then layer with a smaller antique or vintage style weave on top.”
• “Layer Moroccan rugs with abandon!”

Blake Mycoskie House
In Tom’s founder/philanthropist Blake Mycoskie’s Topanga Canyon home, three layers of Woven rugs create a cozy, defined living space.
Photo: Roger Davies

RULE 3: All of Your Furniture Should be Placed on Your Rug

“Again, there are no rules! However, if you’re interested in a more relaxed, informal vibe, furniture half on/half off the rug works. If you’re trying to unify a space, use a larger rug to focus the room.”

RULE 4: If There’s Pattern in a Room, a Rug Should be Solid

“Mixing patterns can look fantastic! A good rule of thumb when mixing prints is to keep the color palette the same and vary the size of the motif. If your heart is set on a solid-color rug, a great way to create visual movement is to select a rug that has a good deal of texture, such as a shag rug.”

Woven Noah Rug in Midnight
Woven’s Noah rug style is a perfect choice when a room already has a good does of pattern. 
Photo: Studio Woven

RULE 5: Runners Are Strictly For Hallways

“Runners also look great in a kitchen, or even on the floor at the base of a bed. They can add additional visual interest to a room without taking up a lot of space.”

RULE 6: A Light Rug is Never a Good Idea

“A white or light color rug can soften up a bold, masculine space, adding a level of sophistication without looking heavy or over-done.”

Q Style Woven Rugs Los Angeles
The Q style by Woven is one example of how a light rug can have major impact in a space. Photo: Studio Woven

RULE 7: Rugs Are For the Floor

“Our clients often use antique flat weaves as wall hangings, behind a sofa like a large-scale painting, or even behind a bed in lieu of a headboard. Tulus or kilims also look beautiful draped over the back of a sofa. They’re a fun way to add color to a neutral piece of furniture.

Woven Rugs Los Angeles
Moradzadeh suggests hanging flat weave or antique rugs like this Navajo (left) or vintage modern kilim (right) as artwork or as a backdrop for a bed. Photos: Studio Woven

Woven Rug Company
8674 Melrose Ave.

West Hollywood, CA 90069

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