For the 5th annual Legends of La Cienega event, the La Cienega Design Quarter has created a brand new Blog & Social Media Ambassador program to highlight design blog professionals in Los Angeles. They will be sharing content about Legends 2013 on their blogs and social media channels, and we’ll be introducing LCDQ enthusiasts to their blogs and lifestyle content.

Our third Ambassador for 2013 is Megan Arquette. Megan, the editor and founder of design blog Beachbungalow8, has a rich and multi-disciplined background in the field of visual arts. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, she has applied her artistic talent in myriad of ways from freelance illustrating for national greeting card and publishing companies to textile designing for the fashion industry. The daughter of an architect, exposure to great design created an innate love for beautifully designed spaces.

In 1995, her love of textiles and interior decorating converged creating an interior design business based in San Francisco, California. Since, her life and work has zig-zagged her across the country from the East coast and back to the West, landing on the sunny shores of Los Angeles, where she currently resides and works as a designer of both retail and residential spaces.

In addition, Megan is also the co-host to the popular design pod cast, The Skirted Round Table. She is one of founders and producers of Blog Out Loud; one of the first, hands-on, national social media workshops. She continues to make public appearances on the design panel circuit discussing and teaching the business behind creating a successful blog.

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We asked each Ambassador a few questions – check back each week in April to learn more about our 2013 Blog & Social Media Ambassadors for Legends 2013!

Q1:     Is this your first year attending LCDQ’s Legends of La Cienega? Either way, what excites you about this year’s event?

A1:     I love the vibe of LCDQ Legends. There’s an intimacy and freshness that distinguishes it from other design gatherings. The interactivity of the program, via windows, becomes a show and tell experience for everyone.

Q2:     What does the theme, Time Capsule, mean to you as a designer and blogger?

A2:     Capturing a moment in time, seizing an action for posterity – these are what ‘Time Capsule’ says to me. However, when applied in this vernacular, it’s about showcasing how good design is timeless as is, recalling the past to inspire the “now.”

Q3:     If you were going to design a window this year, how would you get started and find inspiration?

A3:     My process would begin by going through vintage shelter and fashion magazines, pulling inspiration, color stories, patterns and shape. Once I find something that speaks to me, I would do a bit of research on the era or eras, and find out what was happening in the world at that time. So much of design is reflective of the social and political happenings of the moment.

Q4:     Why do you think it is important for designers to hit the streets and develop relationships with the shop owners and their teams in the LCDQ?

A4:     The nature of design is a creative one. To be creative, it’s paramount that we, as designers, share our ideas with one another in order to inspire. Without that, we become stagnate. I also believe that a sense of community is incredibly important and can only strengthen LA’s fantastic design landscape.

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