Founder of eponymous multidisciplinary, Azadeh Shladovsky has emerged as a designer best known for her artful, empathetic interiors. Shladovskyʼs approach to design is based on a passion for life and living, and this is most evident in the value she places in relationships with her clients. A personalized approach and desire for collaboration allows Shladovsky to create spaces that are as unique as the clients that reside in them. With architectural styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, and lifestyles that vary from casual to refined, what defines Shladovskyʼs aesthetic is the ability to distill the elements of a space and create depth in the way interiors are experienced.

Unlike many formulaic designers, Shladovskyʼs design philosophy is ever evolving. Her inquisitive perspective is grounded in a rich and diverse life experience, a multicultural upbringing and travel experiences that have made Shladovsky an observer of the world, appreciating details that are commonly overlooked. Translating the details into “meaningful moments and experiences,” as Shladovsky says, is the intention of every project she undertakes.

As a designer without creative limitations, Shladovskyʼs projects encompass residential, commercial and retail environments, as well as furniture design.

Shladovskyʼs premier furniture collection, explores her unique relationship with nature and highlights her ability to create powerful expressions that are as beautiful as they are functional. Her perspective is informed by and, to a degree, controlled by the forces inherent in her wood medium. In her furniture design, Shladovsky uses nature and its processes as a guide, both in how each piece is formed and how it is perceived. “The pieces in the premier collection,” Shladovsky says, “reveal the evolution of my relationship with the forces of nature, mainly those I cannot control.”

Just as Jean de Merry is an artisanal line producing pieces that are timeless, unexpected and anchored by quality and craftsmanship, so is Azadehʼs approach to handcraft. Both LA based lines, employ talented American craftsman trained in age-old, techniques to apply their knowledge to woods and metals. The end results are wholly new designs rooted in older forms and based on traditional ways of manufacturing.