It’s really interesting, we’re in an industry dominated by style and in a city where how you look means absolutely everything. Don’t get me wrong, things must be functional, but they sure better look good in the process. We figured that like everything, we must evolve.

Last year, we finally completed a long overdue overhaul to what was a seriously outdated Website. It was good when we launched it in 2004, but it was time to update it to current standards. I can honestly say, it’s now a lot of fun to update the site as we can respond to you — our customers — in real time and keep you up-to-date on all the exciting things happening in the kitchen industry. I really hope that it’s something you are enjoying — from the response we’ve had thus far, it sounds like you are.

When we started Hollywood Sierra Kitchens back in 2004, we wanted to find a showroom that we knew we could grow with. Looking up and down La Cienega (as well as a few other areas), we found this cute little showroom with tons of potential. We spent a lot of time building out the interior of the space, but as with the Website, it was time to give the exterior an update and really let it shine. We’ve gone from a respectable and neutral beige to a more elegant and sexy charcoal grey. We also have a new sign using the logo mark that we recently unveiled on the Website. Every time I drive up to the showroom now, I have a big smile on my face and am very proud to see how we’ve evolved.

Later this year, we have several changes slated for the interior of the showroom as well — you can be sure I’ll be gloating about them here.

Some of these changes may simply be superficial, but they really give a much needed boost to the morale of the neighborhood. I’m really happy to see that many of our other friends in the neighborhood are doing the same — when you walk down La Cienega, you do notice the difference. I’m excited to see what the neighborhood will look like in five years. I can only imagine it will be great.