about.jpg…OK Perfect!  Outside Downtown has moved two doors down the street closer to their original Downtown store.  The new space sports a front showroom outfitted with wall-to-wall seagrass, a back garden area, a small, cozy library (that’s not quite finished) and a back annex across the alley, which houses as many lamps as you’ve probably ever seen in one room – all of them amazing!  David and Robert explained that the move “really makes sense for them in the long term,” as it provides them with more room and added versatility.  Also, the two stores now share the alley in the back providing added convenience.  Overall, the sum of the two stores is even greater than the parts, which is saying something.  Although the signage won’t go up until next week, the store is now open, so stop on by.  It’s unmistakably Downtown.  As ever, David and Robert do not disappoint.