The LEGENDS 2017 theme “Your True Colors” will be expressed in the 60+ windows of the member LCDQ shops, showrooms and galleries.

These window designers from around the world have been invited to express originality and diversity in the vignettes they create.

Alexa Hampton
Mark Hampton, LLC
New York, NY

Amanda Lindroth
Lindroth Design
Palm Beach & Nassau, FL

Amy Meier
Amy Meier Design
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown Interiors
Birmingham, AL

Angie Hranowsky
Angie Hranowsky Studio
Charleston, SC

Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham
Tilton Fenwick
New York, NY

Annette English
Annette English & Associates
Los Angeles, CA

Antonia Hutt
Antonia Hutt & Associates
Los Angeles, CA

Barbra Lowenthal
Harrison Design
Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY
Washington D.C., Shanghai, China

Betsy Burnham
Burnham Design
Los Angeles, CA

Bill Ingram
Bill Ingram Architect
Birmingham, AL

Brian Paquette
Brian Paquette Interiors
Seattle, WA

Cathy Kincaid
Cathy Kincaid Interiors, Ltd
Dallas, TX

Cesar Giraldo
Los Angeles, CA

Christopher Coleman + Angel Sanchez
Sanchez + Coleman Studio
Miami, FL & New York, NY

Clint Nicholas + Lene Schneider
Haus of Design
Los Angeles, CA

Daniel Pontius
Pontius Design
Los Angeles, CA

David Kleinberg
David Kleinberg Design Associates
New York, NY

David Netto
David Netto Design
Los Angeles, CA

Denise Kuriger
Denise Kuriger Design
New York, NY & Beverly Hills, CA

Dina Marciano
Dina Marciano Design
Laguna Beach, CA

Doug Meyer
Doug & Gene Meyer Studio
Miami, FL & New York, NY

Gene Meyer
Doug & Gene Meyer Studio
Miami, FL & New York, NY

Jeff Trotter
Jeff Trotter Design
Los Angeles, CA

Jeffrey Hitchcock
Jeffrey Hitchcock Enterprises
Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis Interior Design
Beverly Hills, CA

Jeremiah Goodman
New York, NY

Jessica Ayromloo
Jessica Ayromloo Interior Design
Los Angeles, CA

Josh Greene and Katrina Hernandez
Hernandez Greene
New York, NY

Johnson Hartig
Los Angeles, CA

Kathleen Clements and Tommy Clements
Clements Design
Los Angeles, CA

Kim Alexandriuk
Kim Alexandriuk Interior Design
Santa Monica, CA

Kimberly Colletti
KCM Interiors
Redondo Beach, CA

Kimberly Denman
Kimberly Denman, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Kirill Istomin
Kirill Istomin Interior Design and Decoration
New York, NY and Moscow, Russia

Lara Nesburn
Mangrove Interiors
Pacific Palisades, CA

Luigi Esposito
Oro Bianco Interior Design
London, UK

Meredith Ellis
Meredith Ellis Design
Austin, TX

Michelle Nussbaumer
Ceylon et Cie
Dallas, TX

Molly Luetkemeyer
M. Design Interiors
Los Angeles, CA

Nick Olsen
Nick Olsen Inc.
New York, NY

Onik Agaronyan
​Los Angeles, CA

Parrish Cameron Chilcoat
Cameron Design
Los Angeles, CA

Philip Gorrivan
Philip Gorrivan Design
New York, NY

Ryan Brown
Brown Design Group
Los Angeles, CA

Sam Allen
Sam Allen Interiors
Fairfield County, CT

Schuyler Samperton
Schuyler Samperton Interior Design
Los Angeles, CA

Tim Campbell
Studio Tim Campbell
Los Angeles, CA & New York, NY

Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe
Nickey Kehoe
Los Angeles, CA

Todd Yoggy
Todd Yoggy Design, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Vance Burke
Vance Burke Interior Design
Los Angeles, CA

Windsor Smith
Windsor Smith Home, Inc.
Santa Monica, CA

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