The Power of Paint: Achieving Your Vision With the Stroke of a Brush

Moderated by: Clinton Smith, Editor-in-Chief, Veranda

Off Color: Demons and Disasters in Design

Moderated by: Madeline Stuart, Interior Designer, Los Angeles

Diversity in Design: Outsmarting the Populist Trend

Moderated by: Linda O’Keeffe, Journalist, Author and Creative Director

The Freedom of Expression: Self vs. Selfless Expression in Design

Moderated by: Alisa Carroll, Editor-in-Chief, SF Cottages & Gardens

Standing Proud: Preserving Architectural Heritage in LA

Moderated by Pamela Jaccarino, Editor-in-Chief, Luxe Interiors + Design

Say It Out Loud: Bold and Bright

Moderated by: Sophie Donelson, Editor-in-Chief, House Beautiful

Floral Expressions: Empowering Pastels into Design

Moderated by: Jessica Romm Perez, Editor-in-Chief, Domino

Heritage at Home: Embracing Your Heritage in a Well Designed Home

Moderated by: Jenny Bradley, Design/Lifestyle Editor, Traditional Home

Designers Without Borders: The Immigrant Experience in Today’s Design Community

Moderated by: Michael Wollaeger, Editor-in-Chief, DesignLA

TLC Forum Presented by 1stdibs*
Beyond Red White and Blue: The Immigration of Design Influences From Around The World

Moderated by: Martina Mondadori, Editor-in-Chief, Cabana

TLC Forum Presented by 1stdibs*
Walls of White: Breaking Down a Dominant Color

Moderated by Pilar Viladas, Design Editor and Author

TLC Forum Presented by 1stdibs*
Grey Expectations: Are Muted Colors a Commitment or a Cop Out?

Moderated by: Linda O’Keeffe, Journalist, Author and Creative Director

TLC Forum Presented by 1stdibs*
The Power of Pink: Femininity in Design

Moderated by: Sarah Medford, Design and Culture Journalist

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