LEGENDS 2012 Window Designers, Destination Themes and LCDQ Member Window
Heidi Bonesteel, Michele Trout and Jill Hall – Berlin at Mecox
Waldo Fernandez – Cuba at Nicky Rising
Mark Williams – Venice at Reborn
Kerry Joyce – Côte d’Azur at Lee Stanton
Thomas Buckley – Cannes at Antonio’s Bella Casa
Mark Cutler – Baker – The Armchair Traveler
Thomas Callaway – Maine at Ralfs
Tim Clarke – The Bahamas at Lucca
Trip Haenisch – Snow Hill Island, Antartica at Jamal Rugs
Kathryn Ireland – Toulouse at Navona
Jane Hallworth – Yorkshire at John Nelson
Joe Lucas and Parrirsh Chilcoat – Ports o’ Call at Downtown (south)
Brooke and Steven Giannetti – Paris Flea Market at George Smith (north)
Alissa Sutton – India at Dragonette
Tracie Butler – Paris at Hollywood Sierra Kitchens
Nickey Kehoe – Icelandic Dreamscape at George Smith (south)
Jamie Bush – Rome at Outside Downtown
Joan Behnke – Compas
Jeffrey Hitchcock – Lidingo, Sweden at Szalon (south)
Tom Allardyce – Florentine Villas and Left Bank, Paris at Janet Yonaty
Lane-McCook – Kenya at Ralfs
Betsy Burnham – Quogue, NY at Fuller & Roberts
Barclay Butera – Montecito at Butera
SFA Design – Abu Dhabi at Gina Berschneider
Nathan Turner – Jaipur at St Coix|
James Radin – India at Elizabeth Eakins
Judith Hoffman – Budapest at Szalon (north)
Azadeh Shladovsky – Trancoso, Brazil at Jean de Merry
Rachel Winokur – Off the Wall
Los Angeles Chapter of ASID- Istanbul at Egg & Dart at Woven Accents