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Who is Chu?

Posted: Dec 11, 2008 | by Allan | Comments (0)

Steven ChuI’m not sure if anyone noticed amid all the Blagojevich fiasco, but President-Elect Obama has nominated Steven Chu to be his Energy Secretary.  He pretty much appears to be a bad ass: for one example, he’s got a Nobel Prize.

Encouragingly, he seems to have a great faith in man’s ingenuity, subscribing to the old saw that necessity is the mother of all invention.  Why am I writing this?  Well, I’m too busy for a proper post (whatever that means), but I wanted to post something of, or related to design, and Chu clearly believes that we can design our way into not just energy independence but clean energy.   It’s exciting to think of the possibilities of what we can achieve when we’re willing to just do it.  We did go to the moon 4 decades ago.

Read this article. I have a feeling we may be hearing a lot about refrigerators in the coming months.

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