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The weather by, wait for it…

Posted: Nov 25, 2008 | by Allan | Comments (0)

David Lynch Weather Report DAVID LYNCH

Seriously!  I had no idea he did this.  I’m so glad I happened to read it on LA Observed this morning and then click through to today’s report.

When I think about weather reporters in LA, I, like I assume many others, think immediately of Steve Martin in LA Story.  Then I think of Elita Loresca, the impossibly-buxom and tragically-styled weathergirl on NBC, who does her reports during the Today Show.  I’d like to write that somewhere in between lies David Lynch, but, let’s be honest, he’s on another planet altogether.

Think about it, though.  Reporting the weather here is a unique proposition.  It’s not so much the weather as it is the catastrophes.  Most of the time, it’s sunny and mild; in the middle of summer, it’s sunny and hot.  The variations, however, take the form of either Santa Ana winds that more and more often translate directly into conflagration, or rain, mainly in the fall and winter, which translates into mudslides and disgusting water.  Throw in the earthquakes and you start to wonder if being a weatherman in LA requires you to have more than a passing familiarity with schadenfreude.

David Lynch delivering the daily weather report is ingeniously perfect.  It’s a good reason to check the weather.

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